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Stephanie Gawroriski (Xer)

I develop SquirrelJME! I love squirrels, they are adorable and cute 🐿️!

Stephanie Gawroriski (Xer)

Hiya! My name is Stephanie and I love to develop and work on Java projects, especially embedded ones! This is my portfolio which goes a bit more in-depth on what I have done and what I am doing!

You can verify my online identity along with obtaining my PGP key by checking out my keybase.

My resume is available here (DOCX, and in long format: PDF/DOCX)!

Projects and Experience

This is a list of projects which I have worked on and shows off some of my experience:

You may also checkout my LinkedIn as well!

Personal Accounts

Sending me a donation

Any donation of any amount is greatly appreciated! They really do help me and I appreciate all of them!