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Stephanie Gawroriski (Xer)

I develop SquirrelJME! I love squirrels, they are adorable and cute 🐿️!

Hiya! My name is Stephanie and I love to develop and work on Java projects, especially embedded ones! I also am a furry and my fursona’s name is Xer and her title is Shadow Tail, she is an eastern gray squirrel who loves flowers and dresses.

You can verify my online identity along with obtaining my PGP key by checking out my keybase.

My resume is available here (DOCX, and in long format: PDF/DOCX)!

Projects and Experience

This is a list of projects which I have worked on and shows off some of my experience:

You may also checkout my LinkedIn as well!

Personal Accounts

Sending me a donation

Any donation of any amount is greatly appreciated! They really do help me and I appreciate all of them!